Styrofoam figures

You’ve probably seen this before

In stores, styrofoam dolls are used for displays. Or large blowups of advertising, letters or figures, at concerts or at festivals.



“Expanded polystyrene (English abbreviation: EPS, after expanded polystyrene) or PS rigid foam is a characteristic and almost always white plastic, popularly called Styrofoam.

EPS is often used as a building material for sculptures, floats and models. EPS is often a surface for flowers in parade floats.

EPS products are manufactured in the form of blocks, plates or molded parts. The blocks can be cut into plates and many arbitrary shaped parts.”

Source: Wikipedia


Foam carving

“Computer numerical control, or CNC for short, concerns the computer-controlled control of machine tools that must quickly and accurately produce parts in metal, plastic or wood. These pieces can be made using a milling machine.

This is done on the basis of a program that is usually generated in a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system.”

Source: Wikipedia

Where to start?

Type the right searches into Google:

Styrofoam figure

Foam blowup blowups blow up figure shape foam EPS


foam cutting foam carving CNC carving cutting machine milling machine

Organic 360

organic shapes 360 degrees around round all around


Enter your own location or nearby city in your search on Google.

Perhaps there is a company nearby, that you didn’t know existed.

Example video

Example video

“Milling a bust on the FROGMill”

Clear order description

Gather your findings

To have the torso made by a company,

the assignment and order description must be clear.

Think about the following:




Scale model?


Digital STL delivery?



Incl./excl. VAT?

Shipping costs?


Handling data, customer data and STL file? (GDPR)

Email template

Hello foam team,

Through this email I would like to enquire about the following:

I would like to have a 1:1 mannequin torso made of myself in styrofoam/EPS.

The use of the mannequin is for sewing patterns, and therefore for piercing pins.

Can I provide you with a 3D STL file to make one?

There also need to be 2 cylindrical holes, along the longitudinal/dorsal axis, for the stand. Do you mill/carve that with a CNC machine?

I will cover it myself with fabric, so the torso can be delivered unfinished. No coating is required.

Do you need specific distance references/markings, for correct scaling, on the STL model?

It should be a torso of approximately XX cm high, XX cm wide and XX cm deep. (Enter an indication here).

Additionally, I would like to order a 1:3 scale model.

What would this total cost (+ shipping costs) and what is the delivery time in terms of production planning?

I would love to receive your response.


Yours sincerely,


phone number

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not for profit.







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