Putting it to the test

Testing Testing

The ultimate test for this dress form is, of course, to take her to a draping course.

I did that at the Nancy van Vliet fashion school in Alkmaar, under the teachings of Ton Verswijveren.



Ton helped me make adjustments to the dress form so that the draping would go better. My styrofoam mannequin is very different from the mannequins he makes for customers. I greatly appreciate his feedback, based on his expertise and craftsmanship. Just like the entire course!

Work in progress

I adjusted the cover and filled in the largest depth differences (read: lovely rolls, haha) so that the dress form is smoother to drape on.

And now… lots of practicing and making.

This website is a passion project,

not for profit.







#zinin (especially for my favorite puzzle)

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